Intelligent warehousing


Intelligent warehousing is an important part of the intelligent factory, connecting the manufacturing side and the client core. Application of intelligent warehousing to ensure that all aspects of warehouse management data input speed and accuracy to ensure that the real data to grasp the inventory. Manufacturing links timely and accurate production, processing, assembly of materials and components required, finished products sent to the client in a timely manner, the enterprise reasonable to maintain and control business inventories. Intelligent warehousing system through scientific coding, automation and intelligent systems, can be easily on the stock of goods batches, location, into the ship, such as scientific, automatic and intelligent management, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

The establishment of an intelligent storage system needs the support of Internet of Things technology. Modern warehousing system is not only the internal complex items, different forms, different performance, and the complex process, both storage, and mobile, both sorting, there are combinations. Therefore, intelligent technology often used in automatic control technology, intelligent stacking technology, intelligent information management technology, mobile computing technology, data mining technology and so on.

Intelligent warehouse system in the three-dimensional warehouse, automatic sorting, intelligent stacking stacking and other sectors, the solution of CO-TRUST:

PLC control system

CAN bus system

Servo drive / motion control system

MICO Internet of things remote monitoring system

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