Precision drive - high-performance servo drive system

COTRUST high-performance servo drive system includes E series, H series AC servo, F series inverter and matching motor. Cooperation with COTRUTS multi-axis motion control PLC or CAN function PLC, can greatly improve the ease of use of servo systems and operational stability. It is suitable for complex control systems that require positioning, synchronization and interpolation functions. Cooperation with our high-performance PLC products or motion controllers based on EtherCAT, CANopen and other bus can be widely used in textile machinery, food processing machinery, packaging machinery, glass and woodworking machinery, electronic equipment, printing machinery, injection molding machines and any other industries.


Standard E10 Servo Drives

* Power range: 100W-1500W;

* Using RJ45 cable communication port, cooperation with CANopen host computer can be operate more than one servo drive network;

High Performance H1A Servo Drives

* Power range: 100W-3000W;

* Single-phase or three-phase 220VAC input;

* Standard support Modbus communication protocol and CANopen communication protocol;

* Accepts encoder and encoder signals for full closed loop control;

* Optional support 17bit absolute encoder, a single lap 13,1072 pulses, especially suitable for the occasions that need absolute value of the encoder high rigidity and high precision;

* Can build 100Mbps high-speed motion control but EtherCAT nework, especially for multi-axis control system.

* Power range: 3KW-30KW;

* Three-phase 380VAC power supply;

* Provides a variety of options for applications requiring high power and high torque applications, and provides more precise control for applications requiring high response and high overload performance;

* Support Modbus , CANopen , EtherCAT communication protocol.

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