CTH200 series system

COTRUST CTH200 series PLC products is a stable,dependable performance Ethernet PLC products based on the demand of industry 4.0.Two programming platform can be switching each other,easy to use.

■MagicWorks PLC V2.08 above version

■MicroWin programming



1, Ethernet communication:support remote programming,debugging, remote monitoring and data exchange between CPU

CPU standard configure Ethernet interface, integrates powerful Ethernet communication function.Through a common Ethernet cable can download the program to PLC, saved the special programming cable, not only convenient but also effectively reduce the cost. Through the Ethernet interface also can communicate with other CPU module, touch panel, computer, easy to networking.

2, New extension board: extension board directly to use without setting

CTH200 support one extension board,extension up to seven module in bus.

New hardware design can be extension communication port, analog channel, on the premise of no additional takes up electric control cabinet space, extension board can more meet requirement of users. Not only promote the utilization of the product, but also reduce the cost of the extension .

3, High cost effective

■Analog I/O up to 194AI/194AQ;  ■Digital I/O up to 640DI/640DQ; ■Basic instruction execution time can be up to 0.15µs

4,Stable and reliable

■Anti ESD, Anti EFT,strict industrial environmental adaptability test,pass CE certification;

■permanent preservation for user programming and user data;

■Mould-proof, damp-proof and salt-mist-proof paint;

■Multiple password protection, core program one-way download function, permanent confidential;

■Output Short-circuit Protection,over current protection;

■Lightning protection of communication interface,high reliability.

5, Remote monitoring and maintenance

The device can be easily connected to the MICO network through PLC CTH200, gateway module or TP-I series intelligent HMI.

MICO provides Android and IOS, PC client, provides an open interface and connect to the third-party software like ERP. So that each device in the Internet can connection anywhere,achieve remote monitoring and maintenance .

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