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CTSC-100 series is a new generation of high-performance PLC with high cost-effective,excellent performance,multi-protocol communication ports and a abundant instruction,which can apply to various of industries and adapt to the complex control requirements of small and medium control system.

Product Features

Powerful communication capability

■PPI communication mode:CTSC-100 series support PPI cable communication network interface.Communication port RS485 PORT,support PPI protocol,can connect to the third part devices through common double-core shielded twisted-pair cable.Support baud rate:9.6KBit/s,19.2KBit/s.CTSC-100 series CPU programming port use PPI protocol to program.

■MPI communication mode:CTSC-100 series CPU can connect to MPI network,communication rate 19.2KBit/s,only work as slave station in the MPI network.The different slave stations can not communication each other while the master stations can read the data of slave station.

■Freeport communication mode:Through Freeport can communicate with any third part devices woth public protocol,that is CTSC-100 series can define communication protocol by the user.The third part devices including data collection module.controller,printer and code reader,converter,modem,PC etc.

Stable and reliable

■Anti ESD, Anti EFT,strict industrial environmental adaptability test,pass CE certification;

■Triplicate-proof disposal,adapt for various inclement industrial environment

■permanent preservation for user programming and user data;

■Multiple password protection, core program one-way download function, permanent confidential;

■With lightning protection of 1-2 communication ports,high reliability.

High-speed and large capacity

■Bit instruction speed up to 0.5us,floating-point calculation speed up to 16us

■Multiple password protection, core program one-way download function, permanent confidential;

■UP to 12KB program memory,within 4KB security program,core program one-way download function,strong privacy.

■High-extensibility,meet different requirement.

■Digital I/O up to 128 I/O,analog I/O up to 32 I/O

■4*50KHz high-speed counter

Convenient programming

■Support IEC61131programming language

■Multiple programming languages:ladder diagram LAD,instruction list STL,sequence function diagram FBD

■Chinese/English programming

■Intelligent help


Abundant instruction

■Basic instructions-144 items,applied instruction-99 items

■Floating point calculation instruction

■CPU data exchange wizard

■Human machine interaction interface wizard

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