Intelligent products

Intelligent products produced by the factory should also be intelligent products. The intelligent product not only can obtain the data which the product itself includes in the manufacture side, including the design, the modeling, the craft, the processing, the test, the maintenance, the product structure, the spare part disposition relations, the change record and so on the data. The various data of products are recorded, transmitted, processed and processed, making the whole life cycle management possible, but also to meet the needs of personalized products to provide the conditions.Intelligent products should be able to get to the client in the process of using the data, including the use of the product environment, work status, user experience and so on.

Collection of products work status, through remote monitoring can be real-time fault maintenance and product updates and upgrades. At the same time, optimize the maintenance of supplies management, and even predictive diagnosis, to help customers optimize the production of the product configuration. Collect the user experience of the product user and see how the product is being used. And then further analysis of how to improve and optimize the configuration of new products, how to use the product in the process of energy consumption and losses to a minimum.

CO-TRUST solutions include:

CP6453 Internet of Things Gateway

TP07I / 10I man-machine interface

MICO remote monitoring system

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