Intelligent factory


Intelligent factories focus on intelligent production systems and processes, as well as the realization of networked distributed production facilities. Intelligent production system and process, not only intelligent manufacturing and processing equipment, machine tools, robots, production lines and other production facilities, but also on the production process of intelligent control. From the perspective of information technology, is the intelligent MES manufacturing execution system. The realization of networked distributed production facilities refers to the production facilities (manufacturing equipment, machine tools, robots, production lines, AGV, measurement and testing and other digital equipment), interconnection, intelligent management, information technology Depth integration of systems and physical systems, that is, CPS (Information Physics Network System). CPS is the English abbreviation for Cyber Physical System. CPS is the physical device connected to the Internet, so that the physical device with computing, communication, precise control, remote coordination and autonomy and other five functions.Virtual network real world and realize the integration of the physical world, the advanced computing capacity of the effective use of space In the real world, all the data related to design, development and production can be collected and analyzed in the manufacturing process, and the intelligent production system can be formed.

According to the description of Industrial Strategy 4.0, the ideal state of intelligent factory is a highly automated, highly informative, highly networked production mode.In the factory, people, machines, materials self-organization, efficient operation; Through the end-to-end integration, horizontal integration, to achieve the value chain sharing, collaboration, efficiency, cost, quality, personalized have been a qualitative leap.

CO-TRUST focus on intelligent factories in the production system and production facilities of the automated control and network management, the main solutions are:

PLC control system

Servo drive / motion control system

CANopen, EtherCAT, Modbus and other bus systems

MICO remote monitoring system

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