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CTSC-200 series is a new generation of high-performance PLC with high cost-effective,excellent performance,multi-protocol communication ports and a abundant instruction,which can apply to various of industries and adapt to the complex control requirements of small and medium control system.

Product Features

Powerful communication capability

■Ethernet communication mode:10/100Mbps Ethernet support MODBUS_TCP and UDP_PP protocol.Multiple host networking communication in the LAN, to programming, debugging and remote monitoring in the WAN.

■PPI communication mode:CTSC-200 series CPU integrated 1-2 PPI port which hardware interface is the RS485 or RS232,provide communication rate 9.6Kbps,19.2Kbps,187.5Kbps,PPI is token-ring network structure,can form PPI network without relay,to complete data exchange through NETR and NETW,each exchange package can be up to 200bytes,each CPU can connect eight modules,that is each CPU can connect to 8 PC or other CPU.

If the I/O of some system is relatively too large that one CPU can not meet requirement,can achieve by several CPU,multi-CPU structure can achieve distributed control thant with high sstem reliability.The data exchange is extremely fast and convenient because of the powerful communication capability among different CPUs.

■MPI communication mode:CTSC-200 series CPU can connect to the MPI network,communication rate 19.2Kbps,187.5Kbps which only work as slave station in the MPI network.The different slave stations can not communication each other while the master stations can read the data of slave station.

■Profibus-Dp or Ethernet communication mode:CPU can be connected to the Profibus field by by DP slave stations,as salve station of certain master station,it can exchange data fast and real-time also can run independently which with high reliability.

CPU can be connected with industrial Ethernet by Ethernet module which is suitable for building control or other applications with several stations.

■CANopen communication mode:To form network through CAN communication,each CAN master station can connect 32 CAN slave stations or devices,baud rate up to 1MBit/s within 25m,baud rate up to 20MBit/s within 2500m.

■Freeport communication mode:CPUs provide 1-2 freeport,embedded several free communication protocol library such as Modbus,USS etc.

CPU 226L,CPU226H with two freeport can communicate simultaneously so as to meet the requirements of such occasions like high-speed communication ,synchronous control,many peripherals.

Stable and reliable

■Anti ESD, Anti EFT,strict industrial environmental adaptability test,pass CE certification;

■Triplicate-proof disposal,adapt for various inclement industrial environment

■permanent preservation for user programming and user data;

■Multiple password protection, core program one-way download function, permanent confidential;

■With lightning protection of 1-2 communication ports,high reliability.


High-speed and large capacity

■Bit instruction speed up to 0.15us,floating-point calculation speed up to 8us,PID instruction speed up to 18us

■Program memory:16KB-72KB ,data memory:basic memory 8KB-10KB,expansion data memory 100KB.

■High-speed counter:2-6 channel,30KHz-200KHz.High-speed pulse output:2-4 channel,20KHz200KHz

■Control system provide 1s time interrupt,which can achieve high speed closed loop applications.

■UP to 72KB program memory,meet the requirement of complex.Apart from the basic data memory,CPU extra provide 100KB memory space.within level-4 security program,core program one-way download function,strong privacy.

High degree of intelligentization

■Auto-tune fuzzy logical temperature control library PID,no need programming and do not take any program memory and data memory.Auto-tune PID parameters adapt to a wide range of temperature control,Algorithm with fuzzy logical function,accurate temperature control and good dynamic performance that can achieve 64 loop control in max.Apply for plastic machine,welding machine,glass machine and other temperature control occasions.

■The general PID library with auto-turn wizard,the execute time of PID instruction is 18us to that its has a very high real-time performance which can meet various application occasions of closed-loop from slow to high speed.

■CPU 226H:6 channel high-speed pulse input,4 channel high-speed pulse output,the highest frequency up to 200 KHz.CPU provide subprogram library such as zero returning,positioning,synchronization, linear and circular interpolation, continuous interpolation,to achieve the extremely complex motion control function.Apply for various occasions of need position control.


Powerful system Expansion

■Digital I/O up to 128DI/128DO,analog I/O up to 32 AI/32AQ

■Expansion I/O module up to 7pcs


Convenient programming

■Support IEC61131programming language

■Multiple programming languages:ladder diagram LAD,instruction list STL,sequence function diagram FBD

■Chinese/English programming

■Intelligent help


Abundant instruction

■Basic instructions-144 items,applied instruction-99 items

■Floating point calculation instruction

■PID instruction wizard

■Motion control wizard

■High-speed input wizard

■Network read and write wizard

■Human machine interaction interface wizard

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