COTRUST following filling machine control system

COTRUST following filling machine control system


The manufacture of clothing, food and housing is often inseparable from intelligent production equipment.

The "invisible champion" is the automatic control system of mechanical equipment.

COTRUST Following filling machine control system

High efficiency and precision filling!

(Application of COTRUST following filling machine control system)

 What scenarios is the following filling machine used?

Filling machine used for liquid filling equipment, belongs to packaging machinery measuring filling machinery.


Applicable scenario

Liquid filling mainstream trend

Following filling machine

Traditional filling machine

Negative pressure filling machine

Equipment needs to stop waiting

low efficiency


Following filling machine

Conveyor belt without stop

high efficiency


Following filling machine control system can achieve high filling precision, with HMI can set the filling parameters directly. Easy to setting, easy to operate,one key adjustment machine.

Multi-station -- take double station for example

Following filling machine control process 


The empty bottles are transferred to the conveyor belt of the filling machine according to the material conveying line, and the position of each bottle is obtained according to the light eye of the bottle measurement. Each can automatically follows, and the liquid is filled intelligly, without leakage or refilling.


COTRUST Following filling machine system

Technological characteristics



COTRUST control system-Following· filling machine 

The control system of the following filling machine adopts COTRUST CTH300-C series PLC, which is connected with 10 sets high performance A4N servos through EtherCAT bus for driving, realizing multi-station precision filling. Production process configuration of TP10i Ethernet HMI can set the filling amount directly, provide multi-section position multi-function operation, easy to use, one-key adjustment machine.



HMI control system


The system selects a set of TP10I Ethernet touch HMI configuration communication, better to provide multi-position operation, convenient for the operator to debug, save debugging time,and provide more functional operation.

The reason for choose COTRUST control system


Variety of applicable models

Suitable for single position/double position /4 positions of different filling machine; Suitable for bottles of different specifications.

Applicable to various irrigation types (mode optional)

A High position filling: the filling head shall directly fill at the corresponding high position until the filling is completed. (Suitable for non-foaming items)

B Filling and lifting: the filling head go down to the lowest position and fill for a period of time. The support shaft moves to the position according to the slow lifting speed until the filling is completed.

Synchronous position, precise infusion, perfect assembly line work

Through PLC module to collect the relevant data, electronic CAM to achieve the same speed, multi-speed control liquid filling, to ensure the synchronization and precision of filling.

HMI simplicity of operator

The corresponding buttons of different stations on the touch screen can set different parameters and reset the alarm operation.

Whole set of system autonomy and stable control

The whole set of control system PLC, servo and HMI are independently developed by COTRUST, with high stability.

Widely used, fast debugging

COTRUST following filling system has been successfully applied to a large number of customer sites, equipped with professional filling technical support team, select COTRUST can realize fast machine adjustment, fast line change production, higher efficiency!


following filling machine power cabinet


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