Plastic limit environmental protection era, paper straw are environmentally and popular

Plastic limit environmental protection era, paper straw are environmentally and popular


From the perspective of environmental protection and resource utilization, there is great potential for future demand for degradable plastics as well as renewable materials.

In the "environmental protection campaign", every consumer and related industries are changing themselves.

In particular, many people found that the disposable plastic straws provided by milk tea shops, fast food restaurants and bakery cafes had disappeared on the first day of 2021.

It's time for paper straws

Equipment: paper straw production equipment

Paper straw productive process

Now introduce the paper straw production equipment of COTRUST control system 


High speed paper straw machine integrates paper feeding, winding and cutting. CNC multi-knife cutting system enables to cut finished paper tubes online.

 #Paper straw machine roll cutting control process#

Paper straw machine cutting is divided into analog state and automatic state.

 # Simulation state#  

Through the virtual axis to give a speed, servo axis to follow the virtual axis to do chase cutting, convenient customer debugging.

 #Automatic state# 

The paper tape pass the encoder, reads the encoder and gives the virtual axis speed after conversion. The virtual axis serves as the main axis, and the servo axis follows the virtual axis to make chase cutting.

Key points in control


Paper tape through the encoder, the obtained data need to eliminate the impact of pulse jitter, speed calculation is difficult.


The control system should take into account factors such as idler ratio and synchronous ratio that affect shearing.


Mathematical model: based on the width of paper tape and the inner diameter of cylinder, the extension speed of paper tape winding can be calculated.

Roll cutting control flow chart of paper straw machine


COTRUST solution configuration of paper straw roll cutting equipment

The paper straw machine adopts COTRUST CTH300 series H32 control CPU and connects to 4 servos through EtherCAT bus, which can complete paper rolling, support chasing and cutting and fast cutting paper tube respectively.


Advantages of COTRUST control system solution


High cost effective

The control system of writing paper tube machine is controlled by CTH300 series PLC H32, which is exquisite, practical and cost-effective.


 Quick and Stable

H32 uses EtherCAT bus to control servo motor cutting equipment,cutting fast and high precise.


Advanced Algorithms

According to the process requirements, the control system to achieve multiple models and advanced algorithms, easy to use.


Powerful motion control function

H32 supports electronic CAM, electronic gear, chasing function, perfect to meet the needs of paper straw machine.


Automatic control

Automatic cutting, automatic straw falling, automatic speed control and automatic response when cutting.


Multiple knives cutting -save time

Can be equipped with multi-knives cutting equipment, one time roll out finished products, avoid secondary cutting, save manual time.



The control system can not only be applied to the manufacture of paper straw, but also to the ball pen core, small flag pole, coffee blender, cotton yarn tube and other paper pipe factory.

 Application on production site 

Plastic limit environmental protection era, paper straw are environmentally and popular

Welcome to use COTRUST control solution~

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