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CO-TRUST Mico remote solution, 128bit dynamic data encryption mode, the device can be easily connected to the MICO network through PLC (CTH200, CTH300), gateway module or TP-I series intelligent HMI. The gateway module provides RS485 or Ethernet interface and embedded multiple protocols, which can connect different equipment (CTSC-100, CTSC-200 and third party products) safely, quickly and conveniently to realize remote monitoring and maintenance of equipment. MICO provides Android and IOS, PC client, provides an open interface and connect to the third-party software like ERP. So that each device in the Internet can connection anywhere.


CTH200 is the important star products of MICO remote solution , its function of Ethernet is the development trend of small PLC.The characteristics of CTH200 are Ethernet communication,new extension board,high cost effective and saft,reliable quality.Moreover,Copanel series TP-i Ethernet HMI have functions as Ethernet communication,build-in multi-protocol etc,powerful WIFI function:wireless data exchange,wireless motion control,wireless penetration,wireless data acquisition,wireless download configuration. CTH200,Ethernet touch panel and gateway module CP6453 are all the important part of MICO remote solution


MICO remote solution have been applied in Charging pile,air conditioning,intelligent factory and any other industries and customers.



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