CPU224+,24 I/O Transistor output (214-1AD33-0X24)

Dual-communication port, 1 PPI,1FPORT,MODBUS protocol,14DI/10DO,16KB Program Memory,108KB Data Memory,6*30KHZ high-speed counter,2*20KHZ high-speed pulse output

Order No.:CTS7 214-1AD33-0X24

Specification:24VDC power supply,14DI/10DO×24VDC,dual-communication port

Product Description

Order Data

Order No.
CTSC-200 CPU224+,Dual-communication port, 16KB Program Memory,108KB Data Memory,14DI*24VDC,10DO*24VDC,24VDC Power Supply
CTS7 214-1AD33-0X24

Technical Spec

 Performance Parameters

DescriptionCPU 224+ DC/DC/DCCPU 224+ AC/DC/Relay
Order NumberCTS7 214-1AD33-0X24CTS7 214-1BD33-0X24
Physical Size
Power loss(dissipation)7W10W
Power Supply
Line voltage-permissible range20.4 to 28.8VDC85 to 264VAC,47 to 63Hz
Input current CPU only/max load110/700 mA at 24 VDC30/100 mA at 240 VAC  
           60/200 mA at 120 VAC
In rush current(maximum)10A at 28.8 VDC20A at 264 VDC
Isolation(input power to logic)Not isolated1500VAC
Hold up time(from loss of input power)10ms at 24VDC80ms at 240VAC,20ms at 120VAC
Internal Fuse, not user-replaceable2A,250V,Slow Blow2A,250V,Slow Blow
+5VDC power for Expansion I/O(max)660mA660mA
24VDC Sensor Power Output
Voltage range15.4 to 28.8 VDC20.4  to 28.8 VDC
Maximum current280 mA280 mA
Ripple noise(maximum)Same as input lineLess than 1V peak to peak
Current limit600mA600mA
Isolation(sensorpower to logic circuit)Not isolatedNot isolated
CPU Features
Onborad digital inputs14 DC24V14 DC24V
Onborad digital outputs10 DC24V10 Relay
Program memory size12KB base memory,can be expanded to 16KB
Data block size8KB base memory,can be expande to 108KB
Stored permanently8KB
Backed by super capacitor or battery8KB
High-speed counters(32 bit value)
        Total6 High-speed counters
        Single phase counters6,each at 30KHz clock rate
        Two phase counters4,each at 30KHz clock rate
Pulse outputs2 at 20KHz pulse rate
Analog adjustments2 with 8 bit resolution
Timed interrupts2 with 1ms resolution
Edge interrupts4 edge up and/or 4 edge down
Selectable input filter times7 ranges from 0.2ms to 12.8ms
Pulse catch14 pulse catch inputs
Number of expansion I/O Modules7 modules
Maximum digital I/O256 points(128 inputs / 128 outputs)
Maximum analog I/O64 points(32 inputs / 32 outputs)
Internal memory bits256 bits
Stored permanently on power down112 bits
Backed by super capacitor or battery256 bits
Timers Total256 timers
Backed by super capacitor or battery64 timers
        1ms4 timers
        10ms16 timers
        100ms236 timers
Counters total256 counters
Backed by super capacitor or battery256 counters
Boolean execution speed0.15μs per instruction
Float execution speed8μs per instruction
Super capacitor data retention time100 hours, typical
Onboard Communication
Communication Interface2,  PORT0 for PPI/MPI in RS485 and RS232, FPROT for freeport in RS485 and RS232
Isolation(external signal to logic circuit)Not isolated
        PPI/MPI baudrates9.6,19.2,and 187.5 kbaud
        Freeport baudrates0.3,0.6,1.2,2.4,4.8,9.6,19.2 and 38.4 kbaud
Maximum cable length per segment
            Up to 38.4 kbaud1200m
            187.5 kbaud1000m
Maximum number of stations
            Per segment32 stations
            Per network126 stations
Maximum number of masters32 masters
PPI master mode(NETR/NETW)Yes
MPI connections8 total,2 reserved:1 for PG and 1OP
Input Features
Number of integrated inputs14 inputs
Input typeSink/Source(IEC Type 1 sink)
Input Voltage
        Maxumum continuous permissible30 VDC
        Surge35 VDC for 0.5 s
        Rated value24 VDC at 4 mA, nominal
        Logic 1 signal(minimum)15 VDC at 2.5 mA, minimum
        Logic 0 signal(maximum)5 VDC ata 1mA, maximum
Isolation(Field Side to Logic Circuit)
        Optical isolation(Galvanic)500 VAC for 1 minute
        Isolation groups of8 points
Input Delay Times
Filtered inputs and interrupt inputs0.2 to 12.8 ms, user-selectable
HSC Clock Input Rate
Single Phase
            Logic 1 lever = 15 to 30 VDC20 kHz, maximum
            Logic 1 lever = 15 to 26 VDC30 kHz, maximum
            Logic 1 lever = 15 to 30 VDC10 kHz, maximum
            Logic 1 lever = 15 to 26 VDC20 kHz, maximum
Connection of 2 Wire Proximity Sensor(Bero)
Premissible leakage current1 mA, maximum
Cable Length
        Unshielded(not HSC)300 m
        Shielded500 m
        HSC inputs,shielded50 m
Number of inputs ON Simultaneously
Output Feature
Number of integrated outputs10 outputs10 outputs
Output typeSolid State-MOSFETRelay, dry contact
Output voltage
Permissible range20.4 to 28.8 VDC5 to 30VDC or 5 to 250 VAC
Rated value24 VDC-
Logic 1 signal at maximum current20 VDC, minimum-
Logic 0 signal with 10 kohm load0.1 VDC, maximum-
Output Current
        Logic 1 signal 0.75A2A
        Number of output groups23
        Number of output ON(maximum)1010
Per group-horizontal mounting(maximum)54/3/3
Per group-vertical mounting(maximum)54/3/3
Maximum current per common/group3.75A8A
Lamp load5W30W DC/200W AC
ON state resistance(contact resistance)0.3 ohm0.2 ohm,maximum when new
Leakage current per point1 0 μA, maximum-
Surge current8A for 100 ms, maximum7A with contacts closed
Overload protectionNoNo
Optical isolation(galvanic)500 VAC for 1 minute-
        Isolation resistance-100 Mohm, minimum when new
        Isolation coil to contact-1500 VAC for 1 minute
Isolation between open contacts-750 VAC for 1minute
In group of5 points3 points
Inductive Load Clamping
        Repetitive energy dissipation1W, all channels-
        Clamp voltage limitsL+ minus 48V-
Output Delay
        Off to On15μs,maximum-
        On to Off100μs,maximum-
Switching Frequency(pulse train outputs)
        Q0.0 and I0.020 kHz, maximum1 Hz, maximum
Switching delay-10 ms,maximum
Lifetime mechanical(no load)-20,000,000 open/close cycles
Lifetime contacts at rated load(2A)-300,000 open/close cycles
Cable Length
Shielded500 m500 m
Unshielded150 m150 m

1. RS232 Programmable Cable
2. Battery
3. Memory Card


Size Diagram

Wiring Diagram

PIN Definition of Communication Port 
1Shell GroundShell Ground
2Logical GroundLogical Ground
3RS485 Signal BRS485 Signal B
4Send RequestSend Request
5Logical GroundLogical Ground
7+24VRS232 Signal TXD
8RS485 Signal ARS485 Signal A
9ReservedRS232 Signal RXD
ShellShell Ground
Shell Ground


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