Industrial Internet Free MiCo for IoT

Industrial Internet Free MiCo for IoT


The industrial Internet has won unprecedented opportunities due to the policy enhancement of "new infrastructure" of industry. Industrial Internet will become an important application scene in 5G era In the future.


The first , China has strong industrial manufacturing capacity, complete industrial categories, complete industrial chain, and a large number of factories, workshops and production lines with the potential of networking.

The second, the IoT, mobile Internet and big data are developing rapidly in China, smart factories and smart cities will focus on development. 

Trend 1

5G accelerates the real-time connectivity of industrial data

Trend 2

The Industrial Internet provides support for industrial intelligence

5G and the new scene of Industrial Internet

5G has the potential to integrate with the Industrial Internet due to its advantages in high bandwidth, low latency and support for mass access.

According to a report released by the Industrial Internet industry alliance, 5G will cooperate closely with the Industrial Internet in the following eight new areas.


In the“5G+ remote controlscenario, COTRUST has taken the lead in running.


COTRUST MiCo -- Remote solution for industrial Interconnection

MiCo, adopts dynamic data encryption mode, It is an open, stable and secure Internet of things platform. The industrial interconnection solution provides hardware networking products and software platform services, which have been connected to over ten thousand platform devices and applied in batches in many enterprises. It is a reliable industrial interconnection partner for customers.



Equipment networking - PLC


CPU module equipped with Ethernet interface, which integrates powerful Ethernet communication function. The program can be downloaded to PLC through a common network cable, eliminating the need for special programming cable, not only convenient, but also effectively reduce the cost of users. Ethernet interface can also communicate with other CPU modules, touch screen, computer, easy to networking.

CTH200 is an important star product of MiCo remote solution, and its Ethernet function is the development trend of small PLC.



CTSC100/200 series PLC can be conveniently connected to MiCo cloud platform by connecting the gateway module CP6453.



CTH300-H series CPU is equipped with Ethernet port, which can be directly connected to MiCo platform.


Industrial Interconnection -- Software



COTRUST provides three client MiCo software for Android, IOS and PC

COTRUST industry application -- MiCo

● MiCo industrial Internet remote solution has been successfully applied to water treatment, charging pile, HVAC, intelligent production monitoring system and other industries and customers, realizing remote monitoring and maintenance of equipment.

Intelligent production


Upload/download remote debugging and monitoring, such as packaging industry vertical cutting machine, laminating machine, etc.;

Remote monitoring and control


One of the new infrastructure charging piles, smart security and anti-trailing door, smart DC power screen, smart agricultural greenhouses, smart kitchen;

Smart city


Such as waste recycling treatment, heating equipment heat exchange station, sewage treatment, industrial waste water treatment, industrial waste gas purification, municipal water supply, hotel water cycle treatment and other industries.

Industrial Internet is an important means of intelligent and information-based manufacturing in China, which will accelerate the transformation from "Made in China" to "Wisdom in china".

Industrial Internet, the future can be!

Device be networking. Just start to using free MiCo.

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