Fast-speed! Accurate! Stable!COTRUST logistics industry automatic conveying sorting solutions

Fast-speed! Accurate! Stable!COTRUST logistics industry automatic conveying sorting solutions


E-commerce and smart logistics


From placing orders to receiving goods, all kinds of goods can be delivered to any home in the country through an extensive logistics network in just a few days.The rapid development of E-commerce and express logistics has put forward higher requirements for warehousing, sorting, delivery efficiency and accuracy, accelerated the development of smart logistics.

Automation is the foundation of logistics industry chain among the three elements of smart logistics


The overall market value of intelligent logistics equipment is over 100 billion yuan. Advanced logistics technologies and equipment, such as automatic three-dimensional warehouse, transportation and sorting system, logistics robot system, self-propelled guided carrier (AGV) system and automatic identification and perception system, are growing rapidly and have become a new driving force in the market.

Automatic conveying sorting system

Automatic conveying and sorting equipment is one of the core equipment of intelligent logistics,E-commerce and express delivery companies need high-performance conveying and sorting equipment to handle huge volumes of parcels.Sorting speed, efficiency and accuracy directly affect distribution efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Automatic conveying and sorting equipment needs to give consideration to both rapid sorting and high accuracy. It can continue to sort goods in large quantities and basically realize unmanned operation.Efficient sorting operations significantly shorten the ordering and delivery cycle. The sorting equipment handles 16,000 items per hour with a very low error rate. (Logistics sorting center).


Logistics sorting center

Belt extendable conveyor

The belt extendable conveyor is mainly used for unloading and loading


Separation system

The package can be whole, separation, intelligent queuing.In this way, the batch of parcels will be arranged into single pieces.


DWS visual inspection system

Automatic weighing and volumetric measurement and code scanning equipment for parcels (dynamic DWS system), which can automatically weigh and measure parcels, measure volumes and scan bar codes during delivery.


Balance wheel sorting system

Balance wheel sorting equipment can realize three-way sorting, the sorting machine is controlled by two sets of servo motors independently, which makes the sorting more efficient and reasonable.


Cross belt

Cross belt is composed of the main conveyor table and the inclined regulating wheel sorting table.Make a quick and accurate classification of the goods to be sorted according to the type, owner, storage space, or place of dispatch.


COTRUST logistics industry automatic solutions

The most important single part separation system, DWS visual inspection system and balance wheel sorting system of the logistics sorting center are all driven by COTRUST A3 series servo.

COTRUST A3 servo system can be driven quickly, with multi-stage position table, communication point to point absolute and relative position control, conveying goods to the corresponding crossing position accurately.

Single-piece separation system is controlled by CTH300 series medium PLC and communicates with servo via EtherCAT,realize servo position, speed control and other functions, servo driver feedback real-time a variety of monitoring parameters.

DWS system adopts small Ethernet CTH200 series PLC. Socket is used for communication between PLC and DWS host computer system as well as industrial vision camera.

Balance wheel sorting system adopts CTH300-H series medium PLC for control. Only one PLC is needed for the main control cabinet to realize multiple balance wheel system control across the whole line. With TP07i touch HMI, networked control of the whole system can be realized. High cost performance, convenient connection, quick response, stable and reliable.

The control system PLC of logistics industry is equipped with Ethernet MiCo remote function to facilitate customer after-sales maintenance and remote monitoring.

Logistics industry automatic conveying sorting solutions


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