COTRUST new product release: H226XC controller dedicated for charging pile

COTRUST new product release: H226XC controller dedicated for charging pile



As one of key projects of new infrastructure, charging piles will become information piles, data piles, network piles, promoting digital transformation of the industry and society ,which will usher a marketing opportunity of 100 billion.

COTRUST H226XC controller dedicated for charging pile

Industry application:

It meets the national standard and industry standard GB/T 18487.1-2015 of "general requirements for conductive charging system for electric vehicles"

Data communication:


Safety design:


Controller dedicated for charging pile H226XC

Charging pile dedicated controller H226XC (high performance)

Order No. : CTH2 216-1AC35-0X18

1   24VDC power supply;

2  72KB program memory /110KB data memory

3  8DI/DO transistor source output

4  2 CAN port

5  2 PPI/ Free port

6  1 Ethernet port

Controller H226XC integrates dual independent CAN port, which conforms to the national industry standard.

 01  Integrated 1 Ethernet port and 2 RS485 ports to meet the communication requirements of different devices

 02  Support CAN freeport programming, and use library to realizes the communication between BMS and charging pile

 03  Support CANfree and CAN hardware configuration

 04  Through Ethernet supports Siemens S7 protocol slave station function and supports SOCKET communication

 05  Support analog, PWM and RS485 communication board

 06  Support new version of V2 programming card

 07  Remote update program to meet the needs of charging pile upgrade program

 08  Remote monitoring data, easy to networking, seamless connection with the third-party software through the database

 09  Support Ethernet port upgrade firmware, data permanent storage

 10  Compared with the embedded board, COTRUST PLC is more easy to expand, stable and reliable, easy to maintain.

 11  Provide flexible OEM solutions

Best partner: EBH-PWM charging expansion board

Use for detect the connection state and charging state of charging pile, charging gun and even charging vehicle, so as to control the charging rate, and it is applicable to both alternating current and direct current charging methods.


COTRUST charging pile equipment IOT solution


As the support of automobile energy, charging pile become one of the important entrance of future vehicle network.


Charging pile dedicated controller H226XC Order data

Model No.



Charging pile CPU


72KB program memory,110KB data memory,24VDC power supply,8DI/10DQ transistor output,0.5A ,2 PPI/FPORT port,1 Ethernet port,2 CAN port,2*20KHZ PTO/PWM output,2*100KHz Pulse(Q0.0,Q0.1),Dir(Q0.3,Q0.4),Data permanent stored.Support Analog and RS485 expansion boards.

Order No.

CTH2 216-1AC35-0X18

H226XC controller dedicate for charging pile is available now!

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