TP series HMI

TP-i series HMI

Support connected with the phones, service terminals, mobile computers and other equipment for remote interaction. Can be connected with MICO client application easily .Data transmission using 128bits of dynamic data encryption mode.

1. Using Cortex A91GHZ frequency high-speed processor,fast data processing ,screen switch smoothly.

2. Up to 4G Flash memory, ample space for storage projects, data records, recipes, etc.

3. Support WIFI function, built-in AP routing, WIFI parameters can be configured through the HMI; can  access the device of wireless hot spots.

4. Support Ethernet port, can be connected to PLC or Internet through industrial Ethernet,even access network camera through the Ethernet


Ethernet TP-i series

1. Support WIFI,

2. High-speed Cortex A91GHZ frequency high-speed processor, the screen switch smoothly.

3. TFT true color LCD screen, 50,000 hours service time

4. High contrast, high brightness, outstanding clarity, widely viewing angle

5. Support the way of Ethernet, WIFI and U disk works to download, support for USB flash memory.

6. Support connected with phones, service terminals, computer PC and other equipment for remote interaction

7. 7.0, 10.4 inch and various sizes to meet your choice for a variety of applications.

8. Support MODBUS TCP / IP, CO-TRUST UDP PPI Ethernet communication protocol, support for project file download.

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