Application of CTMC series CPU

Application of CTMC series CPU


New released motion control CTMC series PLC:

A:60I/O and 6* 200KHz high speed pulse leakage output;

B: Support single phase motion control;

C: Support multiaxisl linear/circular continuous interpolation.

CTMC series CPU industry machine application.

Industry - machine model - control requirements - product matching

Plastic industry:

Bottle blowing robot: the grasping equipment of the plastic industry, which is used to grab the blown plastic bottles onto the conveyor belt.

Procedure include: return to the original processing, drop grab, rise transfer, drop bottle.


COTRUST solution:

CTMC series motion controller M228IL is used for external pulse control, integrating 6*200KHz high-speed pulse output, and controlling 4 servos in two stations for return to original, relative/absolute position and speed control.

CNC industry:

Three-axis engraving and milling machine: the punching system of plastic steel doors and Windows industry, applied to the door and window handle of the keyhole, louver hole and other hole engraving and milling.

Procedure include: positioning, rotation, and back; Circular motion


COTRUST solution:

CTMC series M228IL pulse motion control solution is adopted to control 3-axis servo to perform linear and circular interpolation in three directions. The system can achieve high performance, high speed, high precision, space linear interpolation and circular interpolation. The system achieves precise engraving of complex graphics with simple and practical operation.

Wood machinery:

Wood side hole machine: the perforating equipment designed for the horizontal hole of panel furniture is applied to assemble panel furniture.

Procedure includes: laser scanning hole positioning, back hole drilling, realizing long and short switch, wooden mortise hole, single hole, blind hole switch. 


COTRUST solution:

Using CPU M228IL, integrates 6*200KHz high speed counting and fast IO detection interrupt function, the CPU can easily achieve microsecond level capture and record the scanning hole location, so as to carry out accurate punching action.

Precision machining industry:

Thread processing machine: specialized machine tools for thread processing (including hole drilling, hob, etc.), used in manufacturing of tools, measuring tools, standard parts and daily appliances.  

Procedure includes: knurling, punching, chamfering



COTRUST solution:

Adopt CPU M228IL CAN solution,control the 7-axis servo system for the middle sliding table, the left and right horizontal sliding table and the left and right cross sliding table to realize the position positioning control, which is characterized by high precision and stable operation.

Medical machine:

Plane mask machine: the automatic equipment for the production of plane masks is composed of one body and two lugs spot welding machines.

Procedure include: material loading, folding and pressing, mask cutting, ear strap material and welding.



COTRUST solution:

CTMC M228IL with 6*200kHZ high speed pulse output can control the position positioning and motion control with higher accuracy. The multi-axis control function can complete the entire production process from the raw material to the finished mask.

Glasses industry:

Grinding machine for eyeglasses hanging ear: CNC metal processing equipment, mainly used in the processing of eyeglasses hanging ear.

Procedure include: polishing the copper metal of the round rod, making the two parts of the processed hanging ear smooth and seamless natural transition.



COTRUST solution:

CTMC M228IL with 6*200kHZ high speed pulse output and supports linear interpolation and circular interpolation. The two-axis continuous interpolation function can be applied on this model to realize no pause in the processing process and smooth and trace-free connection of the eyeglasses.

CTMC motion control PLC more industry applications

Communications equipment

Optical fiber winding machine: realize the whole process of automatic "winding, cutting, self-winding, knotting and storage" of a certain length of optical fiber.

Application:CTMC M228IL with 6*200kHZ high speed pulse output, multi-axis control, cutting and other different actions, fast and accurate.


Glue coating industry:

Sealant applicator: the fluid sealant is controlled by X, Y and Z axes. and to the fluid drips, coating on the surface of the product or the automatic equipment inside the product, accurate positioning, precise control of glue, no wire drawing, no leakage of glue.

Application: CTMC series PLC can realize dot, draw line, circle or arc. Complete the process of product injection, coating, drip to the precise location of each product, simple and convenient, high-speed and accurate.

Glass industry:

Glass cutting machine: processing plexiglass cutting speed, high precision, accurate positioning. Used for producing gifts, panel lens machines, advertising light boxes, etc.

Application: CTMC series can use motion control functions such as linear or circular interpolation to realize high-precision path positioning control of multiple axes.


Precision processing industry:

Edge grinding machine: with the characteristics of rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing, suitable for grinding different sizes, thickness of metal belt bevel or straight edge.

Application: CTMC series can use motion control functions such as linear or circular interpolation to realize edging operation of products of various shapes.

Casting industry

Casting machine: Through heating and melting the pouring material, the melting material is poured and sealed in quantity, and coated on the product for bonding, sealing and other purposes.

Application: CTMC series can use motion control functions such as linear or circular interpolation to realize high-precision path positioning control.


Packaging industry

Packing machine: a machine capable of completing all or part of the packing process of a product. Including filling, wrapping, sealing, stamping and other processes.

Application: CTMC with 6*200kHZ high speed pulse output , multi-axis pulse control, fast and accurate, high cost performance.

Assembly industry

Automatic capping machine: suitable for food, pharmaceutical, daily chemicals, pesticides, cosmetics and other industries of different bottle shaped capping. The rubbing cover is tightened automatically during operation.

Application: CTMC series with 6*200kHZ high speed pulse output, strong expandability, quick capping, high pass rate.


Welding industry

High-speed cutting machine: combining ultrasonic welding technology with traditional shearing, ultrasonic energy is transmitted to the welding head and the cutting die to produce violent vibration and friction, so as to achieve the shearing effect.

Application: CTMC series with 6*200kHZ high speed pulse output, making shear products more beautiful, more solid and more efficient.

The molding industry

Molding and packaging machine: the plastic film for pulling, hot forming, labeling, cover cardboard, high week welding, material production process, can be used for gift box, toy box, toothbrush box, pencil box and all the industries used for cardboard and plastic boxes.

Application: CTMC series with 6*200kHZ high speed pulse output ,and 2pcs of 253 module high speed output modules combined with 10-axis servo control, which has the advantages of high production efficiency, forming perfect and fast.


Glass industry

Glass sander: automatic glass sander can be used to process multiple glasses at the same time.

Application: CTMC series can use linear or circular interpolation and other motion control functions, through the servo drive system, high grinding precision, high product consistency.

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