COTRUST "double engine" Chinese power of the Hannover Messe 2019

COTRUST "double engine" Chinese power of the Hannover Messe 2019


On April 1st, Hannover Messe 2019 kicked off on the special day of April Fool's Day! this is the world's leading industrial technology exhibition.


This is a carnival of 6,500 companies from 75 countries!

HANNOVER MESSE 2019 is based on the theme of “Integrated Industry–Industrial Intelligence”.

 The combination of artificial intelligence, 5G and “Industry 4.0” has become the focus of attention.

The exhibition is staged a feast of "Industry 4.0 meets the Industrial Internet."


As a traditional industrial automation manufacturer, COTRUST has 15 years of industrial accumulation;and pay attention to the development of soft power, incubating the company's own industrial software.

As the representative of China manufacture, the most lively Hall 9 in industrial automation, the “double engine” of the credit is shining.


COTRUST Engine No. 1

Industrial Interconnect, MiCo Remote - Free

Question 1: 5G has come, industry and IT are heading to the Internet. Are your devices connected to the Internet?

Question 2: Want to be able to deal with problems anytime, anywhere. Have you experienced the remoteness of the cloud?

At the COTRUST booth, a fully automated remote control system for the operation and capacity of remote monitoring equipment is running.

The real-time monitoring in the system is a domestic production line of the plug-in shell. The complete control core adopts the PLC, servo and HMI of the company, which makes the position of wire feeding, stripping, twisting, dip tin, and rubber shell accurate and stable;experience the networking stability of the company's control system and experience the convenience of remote monitoring and maintenance. Foreign countries can easily grasp the domestic production situation.



Hardware support for engine No. 1: The joint control system realizes industrial interconnection.

The COTRUST CPU mainly integrates Ethernet communication, which can connect different devices safely, quickly and conveniently to realize industrial interconnection. (PS: All of the products of the company have implemented Ethernet functions and can be used with confidence)

Software support for engine No. 1 : COTRUST MiCo cloud platform helps remotely.

The local end of the domestic factory and the German booth TV (Android) share the picture through MiCo. In addition, the Phone (Android), pad (IOS), and PC at the booth can be remotely monitored and operated remotely using the MiCo software.


COTRUST Industrial Interconnection Remote Solution can obtain:

A. Secure interconnection: MiCo remote solution adopts 128bits dynamic data encryption, and the remote monitoring data is stable and secure.

B, free software: official website MiCo software public display, no need to pay, immediately download and use immediately.

C, software multi-end support: provide Android, IOS and PC three clients

D, a variety of network access: device networking can use wireless WIFI, wired network, 4G, etc.

E, networked server function: connect to the network, authorized to achieve remote monitoring.

F, MES system access function: through the large-capacity data recording, realize the digitization and informationization of the production workshop

Really let each device in the Internet of Things, interconnected anytime, anywhere.


COTRUST Engine No.2

Industrial control, precise and rich - Amazing

10 round LOGO, demonstrating different curves of change at the show.

5 H1A+5 A3N EtherCAT bus servos, combined with CTH300 motion control CPU (C37), connect powerful motion control algorithms through “axis”, showing the perfect EtherCAT precision control solution for multi-axis synchronization and multi-axis cooperation.


Hardware support for engine No. 2: fast, accurate and stable

Control with the servo drive system, COTRUST PLC can realize 128-axis synchronous refreshing of 1ms, with high-speed real-time performance; equipment time error does not exceed 1µs, achieving accurate synchronization between devices; fully isolated digital system with strong anti-interference. 

Soft support for Engine No.2: extended rich fieldbus 

The rich fieldbus EtherCAT, PROFINET, PROFIBUS-DP, CANopen, etc. allow a wide range of expansion modules, support redundancy and flexible point configuration.


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