The 15th Anniversary of COTRUST and the 2018 Channel Partner Meeting ended in Lijiang!

The 15th Anniversary of COTRUST and the 2018 Channel Partner Meeting ended in Lijiang!



2018, COTRUST 15 years old

On June 23, 2018,“Controlling 15 Years, Networking and Expanding the Future”-The 15th Anniversary of COTRUST and the Channel Partner Conference opened in Lijiang.

The general manager and product line of COTRUST and the core channel partners from all over the country met again after the Sanya Conference in 2016 to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the establishment of the COTRUST and to pass on the new direction of COTRUST new products.

Conference Session - Welcome

At the meeting, COTRUST took mascots to welcome the partner families from all over the country. The guest arrived at the scene and signed the signature on the signature wall under the guidance of the sales manager. Took a photo with the mascot, and then registered with the signing office to receive the most beautiful 15th anniversary commemorative shirt that was carefully prepared by COTRUST. 



Conference Session - Summary and Planning

In 2018, at the 15th anniversary of the COTRUST, on the occasion of the fourth five-year development, Mr. Zhou, General Manager of COTRUST,“takes history as a guide, plans the future”, and Mr. Yang, the director of sales department, shared“marketing and channel”. The Quality Process Department Mr.Rong introduced the“Quality and Delivery”situation after the 2017 relocation to Dongguan Industrial Park for channel partners.


Conference Session - product sharing

In the afternoon, the product sharing meeting, the four sections from "PLC", "HMI" and "servo" and "robot control" introduced the overall product structure, new products and new functions, and future product planning.In 2018,COTRUST full line of products realized networking, abundant PLC types, powerful HMI Ethernet networking functions, and new upgrades and precise control of servo products, let channel partners to obtain more confidence to COTRUST products.





After the meeting of June 23, we ushered in a happy evening of conviviality.

When the 15th anniversary of the cake enters the banquet hall, the birthday song begins to sound, and we all jointly give blessings for the 15 years of COTRUST past .


COTRUST Night is also a night of honor. At the dinner party, Mr.Zhou presented the "Storm and Stress Award" to a number of agents who have spent the past ten years with COTRUST, and awarded the "Best New Talent Award" and "Outstanding Contribution Award"to the most outstanding agents.



Laughter, honors and awards, wine and food, and the evening of COTRUST became an unforgettable night.In the COTRUST family, we grow together with progress.

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