Industry Topic:Industrial Interconnection Solution in 3C and Lithium Battery Industry

Industry Topic:Industrial Interconnection Solution in 3C and Lithium Battery Industry


On July 13, COTRUST participated in a hot seminar organized by gongkong®: 2018 3C Electronics and Lithium Battery Automation Solutions Seminar.


Meeting background:

In recent years, with the continuous advancement of the intelligent process, a cluster of high-tech industries led by the 3C electronics industry has formed in South China. A large number of 3C electronic equipment companies have emerged rapidly in South China, and they have also released huge market demand. The lithium battery industry is also ushered in a new development opportunity under the strong promotion of new energy vehicles.

In order to learn more the market needs and business opportunities of the 3C electronics and lithium battery industry, a seminar on "2018 3C Electronics and Lithium Industry Automation Solutions" sponsored by gongkong® was held in Shenzhen Futian Grand Hotel.

Many automation companies and professionals were participated in the seminar , and promotes the promotion and application of 3C electronics and lithium battery industry solutions, and seeks the development of the automation industry.

Mascot Welcome:

The mascot of the letter is always coming, the most flexible mascot in the field, at the sign-in to meet the automation industry guests in South China.




In the seminar, COTRUST brought a series of new product booth and exhibited a remote solution for industrial interconnection: controlling the related control of the company's exhibition hall at the meeting; demonstrating the company's chasing system; and 60 points PLC, TP10iHMI and other 2018 new products. At the sign-in stage, a lot of customer consultations were gathered.



Keynote speech:

At 14:00, product manager Mr.Shen started the keynote speech: Industrial Interconnection Solution in 3C and Lithium Battery Industry.

Mr.Shen said that the first step of the Industrial Internet must take out is the interconnection. In the process, COTRUST serves as a channel for opening data communication channels and establishing a standard, rich and mature network architecture. Today, through its powerful communication network, COTRUST achieves a highly automated, informative and networked production mode with fast, accurate and stable and easy-to-use control equipment, and shortens the production cycle for customers. At the same time, the Mico Industrial Interconnect Remote Service Platform can provide data access, monitoring, analysis, prediction and optimization, combined with its robotic automatic assembly production line, to reduce costs and increase efficiency for customers in the lithium battery industry.

The seminar shared a number of industry cases such as charging piles, terminal machines, coiled lithium batteries, laminated lithium batteries, 3D curved glass, and LED automatic production lines.



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