Foci Kuzhi Yucai Charity School



Kuzhi Yucai Charity School is a private charity school which is approved by the Xintian Education in July 2015, which integrates primary school and junior middle school and implements closed boarding management. For the poor students, all free of charge.

The school covers an area of 5000 square meters, construction area of 1,400 square meters, the existing staff of 17 people, 78 students in school. For all the poor families in Xintian County, to recruit orphans and poor families of school-age children, the implementation of the whole free system. (Note: Now the school has opened primary school 1, 2, 3, 4 grade, the first batch of 49 children)

Model to explore the success of the national replication, to achieve no Chinese children out of school, is expected in three years in the local primary school and junior high school nine classes, enrollment of 500 students, the school will gradually improve the primary school junior high school nine years of compulsory education, If the child wants to continue their studies, the school will fund them to complete high school and university studies. Students who are willing to attend the work can complete one year of professional skills training at the school. They mainly study computer programming and electronic hardware and software development, so that they are fully equipped with independent living ability and become useful talents.

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