COTRUST solution:Flexographic Printing Machine

COTRUST solution:Flexographic Printing Machine


COTRUST solutions :The flexographic printing machine

When you get an item, what's the first thing you see?

It must be the label.


All the information about the product is presented to the customer on this little label paper.

The hero behind the label:

Flexographic printing machine.


Flexographic printing machine

Flexographic printing machine is composed of a tandem flexographic printing machine, a independent and horizontally permutation and drives the printing unit through a common power shaft.


Label flexo machine is mainly used in paper stickers and wine mark printing, such flexo machine function is relatively complete, in order to expand the scope of application, almost all of the connection function can contain flexo printing machine, such as glazing, film coating, hot stamping, cutting, punching, silk-screen printing, and intaglio printing units, such as equipment, combined into a flexo united into production line.



Flexographic printing machine-COTRUST control solutions

Flexographic printing machine adopts a complete set of independent control and drive system, which is composed of CTH300 PLC (built-in tension control algorithm, color overlay function), CTSC-200 series PLC and EM260 printing special control module, A4 servo driver. Using tension control, edge control, alignment control, printing observation and other measurement and control devices and mechanical state monitoring and fault diagnosis system, to achieve accurate color registration, uniform tightness, neat end face, fast and stable printing coil. 

CTH300 series PLC-H36


The system mainly has two levels of tension control: primary tension control (unreeling/rolling up) release, secondary tension control (traction) , due to the high requirement of printing machine matching color to the tension, the tension control of paper should be smooth and stable, in the PLC control, using the CTH300 series H36 tension built-in PID control two levels of tension, make sure the printer tension stability. H36 supports up to 64 EtherCAT slave stations. The controller supports PLCOPEN axis control instructions through EtherCAT fast motion control bus, which can realize high-precision synchronization and overprinter control of the driver.

EM260 printing synchronization control module

EM260 printing module is a special product for the printing industry, controlled by CTSC-200 PLC library program. EM260 can be used to control 4-channel printing color set servo. EM260 is used in combination with PLC and servo to achieve precise and strict position synchronization of multi-shaft roller.

A4 series servo


The printing roller and plate roller of the system are controlled by independent A4 servo system. A4 control brake rectifying system can realize tracking color mark rectifying and tracking edge paper rectifying at the same time to ensure accurate cutting of small paper edge and reduce the rejection rate. The front and rear traction servos form a closed-loop control system with tension sensors. Through the tension algorithm in CTH300 PLC, the printing tension of each color group substrate is controlled.

COTRUST solutions features


By using the built-in PID tension algorithm, COTRUST PLC can realize the control of speed, tension and horizontal position of the roll substrate before it reaches the printing parts under the condition of high speed operation (150m/min), and the overprint is stable.


This system can ensure the rapid return to the overprint position, winding elastic uniformity, external outline orderliness.


The tension compensation control system adopts self-detecting system, which can make the best tension control for different substrate.

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