H1A High Precision Absolute Servo

H1A High Precision Absolute Servo


To meet the demanding requirements of multi-axis control and high precision positioning in motion control industry, COTRUST launch a new generation of H1A servo--Absolute servo system with EthereCAT bus.

New series H1A servo drive improve the performance of drive products, servo response and system rigidity as well as support EthereCAT Ethernet communication protocol and high resolution absolute encoder,can meet the motion control requirement of high performance, high precision, high speed,achieve multi-axis control and high precision positioning



High resolution

Servo motor standard adopt Tamagawa 17bit encoder, a single loop 131072 pulse.

High standard optional 23bit encoder, up to a single loop 8 million pulse.

EtherCAT bus

Transmission rate:100Mbps

Rich EtherCAT application

Mechanical origin memory function

Use absolute value encoder loop memory function, achieve the function of upper machine.Once the origin set, the system does not need to go back to the origin when every time stopping power, easy to operate.

Software over travel protection function

Battery low voltage protection function


Cooperate with CTH3-C and CTH3-H EtherCAT master station PLC, COTRUST new H1A absolute servo system providing a total solution for a wide range of machine tools and industrial applications which need multi axis accurate synchronization like LED machine, electronic machine, battery machine, polisher machine, robot, printing machine, die-cutting machine, flow production line,etc.

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