MICO Remote Solution—— Distance is no longer an obstacle

MICO Remote Solution—— Distance is no longer an obstacle


MICO cloud platform, adopt 128bit dynamic data encryption mode.Its an open, reliable, and safely IoT platform.

Market demand

Most equipment manufacturers which use PLC install in the machine, when equipment be sold, the dynamic information such as the operation condition of the production line can't accurate grasp by manufacturers, equipment fault can not diagnosis and maintenance timely, reduce the production efficiency. The maintenance cost is higher if maintenance person to the production field, so the demand for remote monitoring, remote diagnosis and maintenance is particularly urgent and necessary.

MICO born

For industry customers, remote monitoring and maintenance are the important sales point of MICO solution, not only improve the level of automation equipment management but also provide more valuable cloud data services to the enterprise, enhance the scientific and technological of products and value-added services.It is an important initiatives that COTRUST active response to future market demand.

Distance is no longer an obstacle --high efficiency interconnection MICO cloud platform

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No matter you are in the office or on a business trip, you can control the running status of field devices any time.

MICO solution

COTRUST MICO Remote Solution, 128bit dynamic data encryption mode, the device can be easily connected to the MICO network through PLC (CTH200, CTH300), gateway module or TP-I series intelligent HMI. The gateway module provides RS485 or Ethernet interface and embedded multiple protocols, which can connect different equipment (CTSC-100, CTSC-200 and third party products) safely, quickly and conveniently to achieve remote monitoring and maintenance of equipment. MICO provides Android and IOS, PC client, provides an open interface and connect to the third-party software like ERP. So that each device in the Internet can connection anywhere.

Processing and Application of Industrial Big Data

Support the ways of WIFI / Ethernet, RS485 communications, data through 3G, 4G, LAN, wireless network access to the Internet, so as to achieve the large industrial data processing and application.


MICO cloud platform applied for COTRUST PLC series CTH200,CTH200 and touch panel TP07I,TP10I,WIFI gateway module.(CTSC-100, CTSC-200 and third party products can be connected to cloud platform through gateway module )


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