COTRUST won "Smart Manufacturing Service Award" and "Intelligence Model Award"

COTRUST won "Smart Manufacturing Service Award" and "Intelligence Model Award"



On 1st March, the impressive industrial control industry Oscar "2018~2019 Automation and Intelligent Annual Awards Dinner" was held in Beijing. With the outstanding results of 2018, COTRUST won the "Enterprise (Intelligent Service Award)" and "Application [Intelligent Model Award]" two affirmations.

The 17th CAIMRS & 2018~2019 Awards

On March 1, the 17th China Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing Service Annual Meeting ("CAIMRS") was grandly opened in Beijing.

The CAIMRS conference has nearly 500 companies and nearly 1,000 industry peers. The conference will discuss from the perspectives of periphery, policy, industrial market, solutions and business models, interpreting market trends and emerging fields in energy storage and the entire industry chain of manufacturing.


The CAIMRS Annual Selection aims to select outstanding and representative people, events and objects in the automation industry and demonstrate the level of automation innovation and management development. The selection lasted for three months, with a total of 484 candidates for registration, with a total vote of 620,000 votes. In 2018, through continuous innovation market business development, customer service model and successful application cases, COTRUST won two awards after professional evaluation and voting approval from the users: “Intelligent Service Award” and “Intelligence Model Award”



Enterprise “Intelligent Service Award


In the “Industrial Internet” wave, COTRUST has planned the CTH200 series Ethernet PLC and MiCo remote solution through advance layout, and realized the networking control of all products in 2018. COTRUST is growing into a smart manufacturing transformation. An important force for the upgrade.

Intelligent Model Award: COTRUST applied to laminated battery robot

Assembly line control solutions


COTRUST won the “Intelligent Model Award” for its typical success story of the laminated battery robot assembly line. This control system is being fully promoted to the lithium battery multi-manipulator collaborative control automatic production line, as well as the intelligent production line control system of other industries.

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